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Probably why you’re here. A showcase of my work. Paintings, drawings, costumes, crafts, sketches, and more.


How did I make that? What am I doing with my life? What are some cool, fun projects that you should try? Find the answers you seek on the blog.


Occasionally I will create things in exchange for money. I also teach how-to-draw workshops for kids and do henna body art or caricatures at parties or corporate events.


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Brief info on me, Shauna Leva.
Making things is what makes me happy.

Hello, and thank you for stopping by my newly designed portfolio website. My name is Shauna. I am a twenty-seven year old female, and I like to make things. I especially love learning how to make new things!

I work as a medical illustrator during the day, designing graphics for pharmaceutical learning aids. But that's not what this website is about. This is a catalog of my creative exploration and execution. It's an achieve of some of my best work, and a record of creative endeavors that I'm still figuring out.

Painting, sewing, crafting, climbing, dancing, hiking, and of course lots and lots of learning makes up my full, creative life.

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Polished drawing and painting with watercolors, colored pencils, pen and ink, and graphite. See Gallery…
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Handmade everything. Experiments in learning. Includes ceramics, leather-work, and home decor. See Gallery…
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Costumes & Apparel

Expression I can wear. A myriad of costumes for cosplay, historical celebrations, and modern fashion. See Gallery…
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Sketchbook & Life Drawing

Visual thinking. Rough and finished sketches of the human figure, project concepts, and all my dreams. See Gallery…

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