Get Ready for the DIY Home Improvement Posts

Goodness, I’ve been so busy lately with absolutely no time to post because we just bought a house!!! Finally, the process is done, and the house is ours. We’ve been trying to close on this thing for the better part of a season, but as anyone who’s ever bought a house before knows, delays can Read more about Get Ready for the DIY Home Improvement Posts[…]

Viking Drinking Horn Holsters

This weekend was very Game of Thrones around my house. Jake and I are preparing for King Richard’s Faire this upcoming weekend and so our individual chores were much more medieval than usual. In addition to drinking sweet mead-like drinks, altering costumes by hand and being gifted some vintage furs (woo!), We made these super Read more about Viking Drinking Horn Holsters[…]

Iridescent Brocade Clam Shell Purse

I once had a silver clamshell purse. It was small and couldn’t fit my entire cell phone, but the silver purse was cute and matched my formal attire as well as any bag I owned. I owned the silver clamshell purse for many years, but didn’t use it that often. It was very small. One Read more about Iridescent Brocade Clam Shell Purse[…]

Free chairs, refinished for under $10

Last Friday night while we were on an evening stroll Jake and I spotted two free chairs on the side of the road in great condition. We snatched those up to refinish them to go with our tiny kitchen table. Here’s the chair before: After $3.30 in fabric, $6.00 in paint, and a sunny afternoon, Read more about Free chairs, refinished for under $10[…]

Viking Costume Pleather Canteen Bags

More costume accessories to showcase! My ultra-functional canteen bags! Ever been to an event and not drink enough water? That’s every event, right? I try to drink a lot of water every day, but it’s really hard when you’re busy having fun walking around at a convention or fair. So for this past weekend’s Vermont Read more about Viking Costume Pleather Canteen Bags[…]

Closer Look at the Fleece Viking hat

Here’s a closer look at the simple Viking-inspired hat that I made as part of Jake’s winter Viking kit, worn at last weekend’s Vermont Winter Renaissance Fair. The shape is super simple, and historically based but also still popular today. I used a Luxe fleece instead of wool because of cost and availability. The bottom Read more about Closer Look at the Fleece Viking hat[…]

So I’m Really Into Vikings Right Now. 

No, I haven’t even seen the History Channel series. I prefer to get all of my information from books, lecture series, and historical reenactment. I cannot get enough information on Viking clothing, lifestyle, social structure, combat strategy, trade habits and armament. It’s all I’ve been sewing lately in preparation for the Vermont Winter Renaissance Fair! Read more about So I’m Really Into Vikings Right Now. […]

Completed Sophie Hatter Commission Dress

Last night I finished another commission piece! It’s a Sophie Hatter cosplay dress, a character from the animated film Howl’s Moving Castle. I’ve cosplayed as this character myself in the past, so this was my second time around making this dress. It’s a fairly simple design, with a very forgiving fit, so I was very Read more about Completed Sophie Hatter Commission Dress[…]

Big, Warm, Fleece House Sweater

Last night I finished a cozy sweater for my mom. I’m trying to make more clothes for other people to improve my tailoring skills. This sweater is made from plush “Luxe fleece” from Joann fabrics. It is thick, soft, and has minimal stretch. I used a pattern to make this sweater, but with some heavy alterations; Read more about Big, Warm, Fleece House Sweater[…]

Princess Kreahe Cosplay Wig Commision

Here are some shots of a Princess Kraehe cosplay wig commission that I just finished and shipped out this week.  It was my first experience with a heat-resistant wig, which were much less common back in my wig-wearing days. The material was lovely–soft, shiny, easy to work with, and very thick! The wig came from Read more about Princess Kreahe Cosplay Wig Commision[…]

Fleece Hats for Everyone!

Hats! Hats! Hats for all the children! This Christmas is all homemade hats courtesy of my new sewing machine, and my need to learn how to use it. Jake has a LOT of nieces and nephews, and they’re all getting hats. Fun fleece hats made with anti-pill blizzard fleece from Joann’s. I made them in Read more about Fleece Hats for Everyone![…]

Birthday Jewelry Cabinet Handmade by Jake

Last month for my birthday Jake completely surprised me with this jewelry cabinet that he built himself. I knew for weeks that he was in the basement building something, but I never would have guessed how intricate, large, or useful it would be! Because this cabinet is a handmade, artistic project, I think that it Read more about Birthday Jewelry Cabinet Handmade by Jake[…]

Men’s Viking Kaftan Is Finished! 

Finished at least until I decide to do some huge hand embroidered design on the back. This Viking age coat is made from “Luxe” fleece from Joann’s an embellished with a woven trim, polyester bands on the sleeves, and lots of hand-stitched embroidery. I patterned the coat myself and it is WAY too big for Read more about Men’s Viking Kaftan Is Finished! […]

Men’s Viking Kaftan WIP

A post two days in a row? Whoa! Today I have for your some vague progress photos of the Viking kaftan that I’m working on for Jake. What’s a kaftan? It’s a long coat. Above is a sketch of the design as it sits now, after many revisions. We originally cut the fabric to go Read more about Men’s Viking Kaftan WIP[…]

Skjoldehamn Viking Hood Work in Progress

I have progress shots of the Viking age hood that I’m making! This hood follows the same popular pattern of the one excavated from Skold harbor (Skjoldehamn), on the Norwegian island of Andoya in 1936. The self is a waxed canvas, and the lining is a “luxury” fleece from Joann’s. This fleece is unbelievably soft and plush. Read more about Skjoldehamn Viking Hood Work in Progress[…]

Connecticut Renaissance Faire and New Viking Costumes

On October 15th, 2016 we had an absolutely fantastic time at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire in North Haven, CT. The CT Ren Faire isn’t as big as the King Richard’s Faire, and it doesn’t have permanent faire structures, but the people and programming is top-notch. This mid-fall faire was also the debut of our band-new, Read more about Connecticut Renaissance Faire and New Viking Costumes[…]

King Richards Faire 

Last weekend me and my crew attended the King Richard’s Faire. What a beautiful October day to travel through time, wear flowers on my head, and shop for weaponry. We saw some big cats to whatever they wanted on stage, ate stew from a bowl made of bread, and Kelley and Jake tried to help Read more about King Richards Faire […]

Star Wars, Belly Dance, and Granite State Comic Con

Granite Con was a blast once again! As always, the variety of vendors, good programming, and unrivaled access to guests of honor made this another memorable year of convention-going in Manchester. This year’s convention had an unofficial Star Wars theme, and so, on fairly short notice, my friends and I whipped up some costumes to Read more about Star Wars, Belly Dance, and Granite State Comic Con[…]

Quick Underskirts Phone Pouch

Every costumer has wrestled with the issue of where to put their cell phone while in costume. Some costumes can’t have pockets, and often times carrying a purse clashes with your look. But in order to move through society we need to have some money and an ID on us, pretty much at all times. Read more about Quick Underskirts Phone Pouch[…]

Formal Infinity Dress

After seeing them all over Pinterest, I decided to make myself a trendy, convertible “infinity dress” to wear to a friend’s wedding. This style of dress is appealing to me because it can supposedly be worn an “infinite” number of ways, hence the name. Well, I’ll tell you right now that you cannot actually wear these Read more about Formal Infinity Dress[…]

Large Evening Wear Commission Complete!

I have recently completed the largest sewing commission I’ve ever accepted. Very rarely do I accept commission work when it comes to garment construction; it is very time consuming, mistakes are costly, fitting another person is challenging, and the price tag is often prohibitive to most of my would-be clients. But for a coworker, requesting two evening Read more about Large Evening Wear Commission Complete![…]

Crown of Flowers

This weekend my friends and I attended the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire. It was a gorgeous 82 degrees in May, and I needed a crown of flowers for the occasion. With the forecast calling for a such a warm day, my garb needed to be kept simple; no layers of skirts or heavy belts and bags. Read more about Crown of Flowers[…]

Palazzo pants

My latest little sewing project is this pair of flowing palazzo pants! They took me an afternoon to make and are sooo comfortable and breezy. I am in love with this fabric, which I got at Joann Fabrics during their black Friday sale. It is lightweight, soft, and drapes beautifully. The fabric essentially told me Read more about Palazzo pants[…]

Happy Ostara! Celebrating the Vernal Equinox, or Easter.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating the arrival of Spring, the vernal equinox, and whatever else you honor. I spent Easter with my family, and like many families, we had a light feast. Here are the things I made this weekend. Eggs! Hard-boiled and colored. Coloring eggs isn’t just for kids. Okay, maybe kids are Read more about Happy Ostara! Celebrating the Vernal Equinox, or Easter.[…]

Medieval Belt

It’s Spring! Happy Ostara, everyone! The Vernal equinox. Winter is over. Spring is the season of creation, and to kick things off, I have made a quick and easy medieval loop belt. I sewed a long tube of hunter green poplin left over from the dress the belt is featured on, and turned it inside out. Read more about Medieval Belt[…]

Iron age tunic dress

I have finished sewing an iron-age-inspired tunic dress, a new staple of my costuming closet. The desire to sew this gown came to me after looking at all of the warm costuming options that the Vikings wore.   After attending an unseasonably cold Connecticut Renaissance fair in October in my usual fall-suited garb, my body Read more about Iron age tunic dress[…]

Pattern Haul

Want to see all the sweet patterns I scored at Joann’s annual $1 Simplicity pattern sale? I know you do. What am I going to do with all these patterns? I am going to sew so many things! At $1 per pattern, when they normally retail for $15-$20, how could I resist? The best time Read more about Pattern Haul[…]

Painting Zombicide Figurines

How was your Valentine’s weekend? Mine was amazing. It was freezing cold here in the northeast, with wind-chill temperatures reaching as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Not a weekend for putting on a dress and going to dinner after dark. Instead of going out, my boyfriend Jake and I opted to spend most of the Read more about Painting Zombicide Figurines[…]

Homemade Anti-aging Beauty Potion

The skin absorbs 60-80% of what’s applied to it. In an effort to be more picky about what I put on my skin, and after much research and experimentation, I started making my own anti-aging beauty potion. This custom blend is a 100% Pure, therapeutic, food grade quality essential oil beauty blend with no fillers or synthetic Read more about Homemade Anti-aging Beauty Potion[…]

Harem Pants for Dance

Another small sewing project complete! In about two hours time I whipped up these funky harem pants for dance using Simplicity sewing pattern 5359, and this wild cotton print I got at Joann’s Black Friday Sale. This pattern was ridiculously easy. It consists of 1 pant leg cut twice, and a yolk for a zipper. I Read more about Harem Pants for Dance[…]

Preparing for King Richards Faire

Renaissance Fair Season is upon us! I love spending a day out in the woods with the  fairies and jesters, celebrating the late summertime magic. The first Fair on my list is King Richard’s in Carver Mass, and to make sure I make the most of my Fair day, I am adding a few new Read more about Preparing for King Richards Faire[…]

Bunny Dinner Napkins

Easter has never been a huge affair in my house, but I love Holidays of any shape or size. Therefore this year I decided to get a little festive with my table settings and make bunnies out of dinner napkins! I got the idea while ironing a table-cloth for the up-coming brunch, and turned to Read more about Bunny Dinner Napkins[…]

Super Craft Weekend Recap

This weekend was awesome. Besides a wonderful annual caricature gig on Saturday afternoon (I love being paid to draw children), my best friend Kelley came up to my studio in Lowell for the weekend to have a super craft marathon. In a day and a half we got a solid 10 hours of work time Read more about Super Craft Weekend Recap[…]

Holiday Ornaments

I recently finished making two cute and cozy holiday ornaments out of vegetable tanned leather. They were hand cut, carved, and painted using a waterproof acrylic ink. I modeled the ornaments after cliche vintage christmas sweaters, to give them an extra warm an cozy visual appeal.   The ornaments are strung on a hemp cord Read more about Holiday Ornaments[…]

Manga Doodles for Halloween

If you were unaware, I teach a manga class for children every Wednesday night in Medford, MA. Last week we were creating some characters for Halloween, and while the kids were concentrating on their task, I whipped up these little doodles. They seem to like it when I draw with them, and are always interested Read more about Manga Doodles for Halloween[…]

A Fly on the Wall: The Ballet Edition

Yesterday I attended a pointe class at ‘The Studio, A Dance Center for Adults’ in Brookline, MA. A friend of mine takes classes there, and she was able to arrange for me to come into a class with my camera to get some reference for a possible future body of work. I did my best Read more about A Fly on the Wall: The Ballet Edition[…]

Adventure Pouch ipad sleeve & device organizer

My first sewing project of winter break was this adventure pouch iPad sleeve. I bought myself an iPad for my birthday, and though it was no problem finding a protective flip-cover thing, I was having a really hard time finding a sleeve for my iPad that I liked, could afford, and which would carry and Read more about Adventure Pouch ipad sleeve & device organizer[…]

I was a figure model today

Today I was a figure model for a freshman foundation drawing class here at the Hartford Art School. I was asked by one of my professors, who also teaches this drawing class, if I would be willing to model one of my more frilly costumes for her students to delineate in the spirit of Halloween. Read more about I was a figure model today[…]

A little bit of Fall in Stockbridge, MA

Today I went on a field trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum out in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. I really love how beautiful everything out there is. The landscape is filled with mountains, farms, and beautiful colored leaves. Fall is my favorite season, and I thought that I would post a few pictures that made me happy Read more about A little bit of Fall in Stockbridge, MA[…]

Edible Gelatin Wounds! Just in time for Halloween.

This week in makeup class I learned how to make safe-to-eat wounds using Gelatin and a few other house-hold items! Below I’ve provided a tutorial so that you can make these disgusting edible make-up props as well! Just in time for Halloween, too. What you’ll need: One box of clear, unflavored Gelatin. 3/4 cup of Read more about Edible Gelatin Wounds! Just in time for Halloween.[…]

Character makeup: Mrs Meers of ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’

This week in makeup class I was assigned the task of designing makeup for a real character. I choose Mrs Meers from the play Thoroughly Modern Millie because she is over the top, and makes for interesting makeup choices. Her character is a  retired actress who is white, but is now pretending to be Chinese (but Read more about Character makeup: Mrs Meers of ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’[…]

Stage Makeup: Altering the Face (as in I don’t normally look like this)

Today was my second day in Stage-makeup class where I applied makeup to my face. Today’s goal was to play with my features and make myself look like someone else. This makeup may look strange in a photograph, but from far away (like you would be if you were in the audience at a theatre) Read more about Stage Makeup: Altering the Face (as in I don’t normally look like this)[…]