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Hello again, screenshot

Life has been busy. I’m almost four years out of college and I’ve been pretty consumed with living. Many years ago I build a portfolio website to exhibit all of my creating–I make a lot of stuff. I paint, I sew, I build, I craft, I concoct beauty potions now…. and I learned how to cook! But while I was so busy making things, my old website became a little outdated. You know how the story goes; as soon as the new version comes out, the old version becomes obsolete. Well, so many new versions of my old website software have come out, that soon my host servers won’t support my old site at all.

Time to build a new site! I’ve crammed an awful lot of stuff into my website, so moving everything to someplace new was quite the undertaking. If it wasn’t, maybe I’d have made this migration sooner. In any case I’m happy with the end result. I have for you today, a shiny new, responsive, mobile enabled, fully up-to-date website.

I am still testing all of my links and pages, so please excuse me if I’ve missed a link or if you encounter an error or incomplete page. I will continue to scour my site for typos and broken links. However if you find something that’s broken or just poorly done, please contact me and let me know!

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