Harem Pants for Dance

Another small sewing project complete! In about two hours time I whipped up these funky harem pants for dance using Simplicity sewing pattern 5359, and this wild cotton print I got at Joann’s Black Friday Sale. This pattern was ridiculously easy. It consists of 1 pant leg cut twice, and a yolk for a zipper. I chose to skip the yoke and put in an elastic waist instead; I feel this gives the pants a lounge feel.

This fabric is awesome, but I can’t see it being used for anything other than really outrageous pants. It’s very lightweight and breathable–just what I need, and it drapes wonderfully, but I have about a half a yard left and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. My boyfriend suggested that I make a tub-top for concerts, and that’s not a bad idea.
These pants were so quick to make in part because I got a serger for my last birthday! I have a Janome Magnolia and so far it’s been very good to me. The machine is very consistent and fast. The only issue’s I’ve encountered have been due to human error and the learning curve.

I plan to wear these pants to belly dance class and maybe out and about during the hot summer. Palazzo pants are back in style, right? So why not harem pants…?

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