Quick Underskirts Phone Pouch

Every costumer has wrestled with the issue of where to put their cell phone while in costume. Some costumes can’t have pockets, and often times carrying a purse clashes with your look. But in order to move through society we need to have some money and an ID on us, pretty much at all times. You can’t go an entire day at a convention or faire without your cellphone, and unless you have a designated phone-holding friend, well, you’re just going to have to hold onto that brick whether it goes with your outfit or not.


My solution for this upcoming weekend was to make myself a quick and easy polyester pouch. It’s just big enough to hold my cell phone, cards, and a little cash. I strung it on a shoe-lace and plan to tie it around my waist underneath my over-skirt and belts where it will be hidden from view, and hopefully won’t cause noticeable bulk on my hips. It took about fifteen minutes to make out of two rectangles of brown fabric, sewn together at the opening, turned through, pressed, top stitched, serged into a pocket with holes for the lacing and turned right-side-out. You follow?

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