Star Wars, Belly Dance, and Granite State Comic Con

Granite Con was a blast once again! As always, the variety of vendors, good programming, and unrivaled access to guests of honor made this another memorable year of convention-going in Manchester.

Dance with the Force

This year’s convention had an unofficial Star Wars theme, and so, on fairly short notice, my friends and I whipped up some costumes to fit the theme. Originally, Kelley and I had planned on only wearing our “long long ago, far far away” belly dancing ensembles to the after-party dance. But with the weather cooperating, and the costumes coming out a little better than we expected, we opted to parade our tummies all day long.14379636_10100900083402669_3121496958760466749_oWhen I told Jake that I was planning on making a “really quick” costume for the dance, he said, “So what’s my costume going to be?” Or something like that….so we resolved to make a “simple” fast Jedi costume….which promptly evolved into a full blown Jedi wardrobe complete with tunic, belt, tabbards, and robe. Fortunately, Jake has gotten so good at sewing that we were able to double-team that outfit in roughly two afternoons.

Granite Jedi

You can see a few more pictures of the costumes by First Person Shooter of Nerd Caliber in the Costume and Apparel gallery.

Kelley and I had the added challenge of coordinating outfits over a long-distance. We don’t live close enough to make our costumes together, so we have to send each other fabric swatches and pattern information over the internet. We had the luxury here of making original designs, so nothing had to be exact, but we still wanted matching fabrics. The belly dance top is a simple bralette out of 4-way stretch athletic fabric with decorative coins sewed directly to it. The skirts are also 4-way stretch cotton jersey. The fabrics for the hip-scarves and head-scarves came from Joann Fabrics’ newly distributed Halloween collection.

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