Skjoldehamn Viking Hood Work in Progress

I have progress shots of the Viking age hood that I’m making! This hood follows the same popular pattern of the one excavated from Skold harbor (Skjoldehamn), on the Norwegian island of Andoya in 1936. The self is a waxed canvas, and the lining is a “luxury” fleece from Joann’s.

This fleece is unbelievably soft and plush. It’s also supposed to be anti-pill. I sure hope so! The hood is constructed of 3 impossibly simple rectangles. The dimensions of my hood pattern are an 8″ square in front, 9″ square in back, and a long rectangle 15″x46″. This size is great for my small shoulders, but would fit a larger person as well.

 I just finished embellishing the front of the hood with a knot-work serpent in the “Urnes” style–the one most commonly seen on Viking age artifacts. I’m really trying to be historically accurate here! Except for the machine stitching….

All the embroidery was done by hand though. Now I’m thinking about how I want to finish the bottom edge of the hood and it will be done!

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