Princess Kreahe Cosplay Wig Commision

Here are some shots of a Princess Kraehe cosplay wig commission that I just finished and shipped out this week. 

It was my first experience with a heat-resistant wig, which were much less common back in my wig-wearing days. The material was lovely–soft, shiny, easy to work with, and very thick! The wig came from Epic Cosplay and was very affordable. I made the wig in two pieces so that it wouldn’t get squashed in the mail. The main body of the wig came as a full-length wig with very long bangs. I cut off the excess and put it aside for the clip-on hairpiece, then cut and styled what was left using a hot straightener and a little hair gel. I went light on the products because again, this wig had to be packaged up and sent through the post. The clip-in piece was a modge-podge party, styled on some wax paper. I used crazy glue to affix the piece to the clip, and a tacky glue to add features. The benefits of a clip-on fascinator for the spiky bits, besides ease of storage, is that the height and angle can be adjusted to suit the wearer.

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