Large Watercolor Commission

I am thrilled to finally be able to share this painting with you. I finished it some time ago but just presented it to the client this weekend. Commissioned by the Army Mountain Warfare school in Jericho, VT, this large watercolor painting combines the school’s mascot (a Ram’s head) with the feminine style of the women in administrative offices where the painting will be on display.

The painting is roughly a 2-foot square painted using Windsor watercolors on hot press watercolor board. A watermarked version of the image below links to a larger file for sharing, if you’d like. This project was really fun to paint; the subject matter is everything that I love to work through. Bone has such a wonderful texture and though it is ‘white’ it is full of color. Who doesn’t like wildflowers? They are decorative, intricate, and oh so colorful. 

If you’d like to see progress shots, hopefully there is an embedded Instagram photo album below, which you can click-through to see this painting unfold step-by-step.

Painting progress album! So excited about this one. #painting #watercolors #wildflowers

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