Viking Drinking Horn Holsters

This weekend was very Game of Thrones around my house. Jake and I are preparing for King Richard’s Faire this upcoming weekend and so our individual chores were much more medieval than usual. In addition to drinking sweet mead-like drinks, altering costumes by hand and being gifted some vintage furs (woo!), We made these super cool holsters for our drinking horns to wear on our belts.

Using leather and horns that I already had around the house, I patterned these simple holsters first out of paper and then cut them from the leather.

Both holsters are made from vegetable tanned bull hide, held together with rivets and wet-formed to fit the horn.

The horns themselves came from Amazon and the Vermont Renaissance Faire last year.

The decorative studs are always a challenge to set. They’re super delicate and squash easily under the mallet, yet they need to be driven into the leather hard enough that they won’t pop off!

The holsters were hand painted by Jake and myself, and laced with decorative beads for fun.

Now all we have to do is seal the horns themselves with salad-bowl sealer and we’re ready to drink! Don’t try to drink out of an unsealed horn….it smells terrible in there. Like wet animal. That can’t be good for you.

See you at the Faire!

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