Free chairs, refinished for under $10

Last Friday night while we were on an evening stroll Jake and I spotted two free chairs on the side of the road in great condition. We snatched those up to refinish them to go with our tiny kitchen table. Here’s the chair before: After $3.30 in fabric, $6.00 in paint, and a sunny afternoon,[…]

Viking Costume Pleather Canteen Bags

More costume accessories to showcase! My ultra-functional canteen bags! Ever been to an event and not drink enough water? That’s every event, right? I try to drink a lot of water every day, but it’s really hard when you’re busy having fun walking around at a convention or fair. So for this past weekend’s Vermont[…]

Closer Look at the Fleece Viking hat

Here’s a closer look at the simple Viking-inspired hat that I made as part of Jake’s winter Viking kit, worn at last weekend’s Vermont Winter Renaissance Fair. The shape is super simple, and historically based but also still popular today. I used a Luxe fleece instead of wool because of cost and availability. The bottom[…]

So I’m Really Into Vikings Right Now. 

No, I haven’t even seen the History Channel series. I prefer to get all of my information from books, lecture series, and historical reenactment. I cannot get enough information on Viking clothing, lifestyle, social structure, combat strategy, trade habits and armament. It’s all I’ve been sewing lately in preparation for the Vermont Winter Renaissance Fair![…]

Completed Sophie Hatter Commission Dress

Last night I finished another commission piece! It’s a Sophie Hatter cosplay dress, a character from the animated film Howl’s Moving Castle. I’ve cosplayed as this character myself in the past, so this was my second time around making this dress. It’s a fairly simple design, with a very forgiving fit, so I was very[…]

Big, Warm, Fleece House Sweater

Last night I finished a cozy sweater for my mom. I’m trying to make more clothes for other people to improve my tailoring skills. This sweater is made from plush “Luxe fleece” from Joann fabrics. It is thick, soft, and has minimal stretch. I used a pattern to make this sweater, but with some heavy alterations;[…]