Commissioned Christmas Card: Watercolor, Colored Pencil

Merry Christmas! Below is the painting that I made for my aunt’s annual Christmas card. It is a portrait of two new family dogs. I painted this piece in quite a hurry using watercolors and colored pencils. It is impossible to get a photograph of two dogs looking in the same direction, both with a Read more about Commissioned Christmas Card: Watercolor, Colored Pencil[…]

Ever Notice How Active The Squirrels Are In The Fall?

Fall is that one time of year where the squirrels seem to be extra busy. I see them everywhere! Collecting their acorns and getting into trouble. I hear that they have to bury extra acorns because they won’t remember where they put most of them. So if they just put an acorn everywhere, maybe they Read more about Ever Notice How Active The Squirrels Are In The Fall?[…]

Get Different, More Frequent Updates Through Facebook!

Did you know that I have a Facebook page? Maybe you assumed so; but maybe you also assumed that I post the same content to my Facebook page as I do my blog. Well that simply isn’t true! I post lots of updates to my Facebook page and Twitter feed that never make it to Read more about Get Different, More Frequent Updates Through Facebook![…]

Senior Show in One Week!

I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but there is my senior show, all packed up in the corner of my dorm room, ready to be installed in the gallery next Thursday! The end of the semester is almost here and my senior exhibition is the culmination of my entire art education up Read more about Senior Show in One Week![…]

Top 10 Things I learned this year

Now that my sophomore year is over, I decided to make a list of what I think are the ten most important things that I have learned this year. They may not be in perfect order, but I tried to somewhat number them by importance. Hopefully, knowing these things will save you a lot of Read more about Top 10 Things I learned this year[…]

Waterfall Illustration

I have completed a new illustration! It has been added to the website’s main gallery as well as the illustration page. This is a graphite 9×12 illustration of a waterfall spirit. Our assignment was to create some sort of denizen of nature. A spirit, or ghoul, or god of the natural world. I didn’t want Read more about Waterfall Illustration[…]