Solo Art Exhibit at iYo Cafe in Somerville, MA

For the entire month of June I will be exhibiting some of my brightest watercolor paintings in a  Solo show at the iYo Cafe in Davis Square, Somerville, Ma! Though the subject of the work varies, the collection was assembled primarily for its warm-weather feel. I would describe the bunch as a simple, whimsical celebration Read more about Solo Art Exhibit at iYo Cafe in Somerville, MA[…]

An Exorcise in Digital Painting

Last week with the snow storm of the decade looming, bundled up in front of my computer, I decided to pick up my Wacom tablet and paint a picture digitally. I am not a very experienced digital painter. I’ve only completed a small handful of pieces on the computer before, and none of them have Read more about An Exorcise in Digital Painting[…]

Old Worlds New Views, Exhibition of Artworks from Ghana and Sicily.

Woo! Life is busy right now. I recently started a new job as Head of Advertising and Promotion at the University of Hartford Art School MFA in Illustration Program, and I just got back from New York Comic Con! Now, I will be on the road again this Thursday to hang my next show. This Read more about Old Worlds New Views, Exhibition of Artworks from Ghana and Sicily.[…]

Lowell Open Studios, October 6th & 7th, 2012.

In less than two weeks, over 140 local artists of Lowell, MA will open their doors to the public for the 12th annual Lowell Open Studios Event. With over fifteen studio locations throughout the heart of Lowell, this two day event is a great opportunity for the community to buy original and reproduced artworks straight Read more about Lowell Open Studios, October 6th & 7th, 2012.[…]

Alter-ego: The Snake Charmer

Here is the first assignment from my oil painting class. Our task was to define an alter-ego for ourselves, and to paint our likeness on this fantasy identity. I decided that my alter-ego would be an exotic snake charmer, hiding from the dessert sun in her lavish arabian, or maybe Egyptian palace. My alter-ego would Read more about Alter-ego: The Snake Charmer[…]

Jack and the Beanstalk

Black and white pencil illustration of a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk. When Jack traded away his family’s last possession, a cow, for magic beans from a stranger, his mother, in anger, threw them out the window. The next day, Jack found that the beans had sprouted into a giant beanstalk, reaching up into Read more about Jack and the Beanstalk[…]

Third Print: My turtle!

This set of two is my completed final project for Lithography. Typically, when I set out to compose a work, I try to put together a window that allows to viewer to see into a complete scene. As an illustrator, I deal with narrative, setting, and continuity. Foreground, middle-ground, and background are all addressed and Read more about Third Print: My turtle![…]

Aerial Perspective.

For those of you who are interested in learning about the optical phenomena, here is a research paper that I wrote on aerial perspective. I would like to remind everyone, before you read, that plagiarism is lame. This paper is here for your enjoyment and education. Not for you to use or replicate as your Read more about Aerial Perspective.[…]

Drawing from the Figure

Warning–this post contains pencil sketches of nude figures for education purposes. After five sessions, my Illustration class has concluded its unit on drawing directly from the figure. Prior to drawing from a model, we learned from a model skeleton about the correct proportions of the human body. We were given bony points to look for Read more about Drawing from the Figure[…]

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Today, my boyfriend and I took a trip into the city of Boston to see the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which neither of us have ever been to.  Admission was only $5 for college students, $12 for adults. The Museum is the work of Isabella Gardner, who collected paintings, furniture, tapestries, and china from Read more about Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum[…]

Promo Photoshoot.

This Sunday I spent the entire day doing a photo shoot with my younger brother in order to promote him as a musician and give him some nice pictures to put on cds and posters. His myspace is located here: And the fruit of our labor can be found in his pics. Go Read more about Promo Photoshoot.[…]