Commissioned Christmas Card: Watercolor, Colored Pencil

Merry Christmas! Below is the painting that I made for my aunt’s annual Christmas card. It is a portrait of two new family dogs. I painted this piece in quite a hurry using watercolors and colored pencils. It is impossible to get a photograph of two dogs looking in the same direction, both with a Read more about Commissioned Christmas Card: Watercolor, Colored Pencil[…]

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Graphite illustration from the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. Quasimodo has saved Esmerelda from being hanged, and brought her to the cathedral under the law of sanctuary. The Truands then charge the cathedral in an attempt to save Esmerelda. However Quasimodo thinks that they want to hurt Esmerelda, so he is committed to driving them Read more about Hunchback of Notre Dame[…]

Jack and the Beanstalk

Black and white pencil illustration of a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk. When Jack traded away his family’s last possession, a cow, for magic beans from a stranger, his mother, in anger, threw them out the window. The next day, Jack found that the beans had sprouted into a giant beanstalk, reaching up into Read more about Jack and the Beanstalk[…]

Centaur Part 1

The assignment was to choose a mythical animal, and draw what its skeleton would look like, pretending we were scientific illustrators for National Geographic or something. Being a Sagittarius myself, I choose the Centaur. It has a horse’s body, but where the horse’s neck begins, starts the pelvis of a man. The horse’s neck and Read more about Centaur Part 1[…]

More Figure drawing. This time conte pencils are awesome

Warning: This post contains drawings of nude figure models for academic purposes. More figure drawing. One of them is more vine charcoal on warm gray paper, and the other is conte pencil on cool gray paper. The thing I like best about the latter, is that we drew the same figure, in the same pose, Read more about More Figure drawing. This time conte pencils are awesome[…]

Waterfall Illustration

I have completed a new illustration! It has been added to the website’s main gallery as well as the illustration page. This is a graphite 9×12 illustration of a waterfall spirit. Our assignment was to create some sort of denizen of nature. A spirit, or ghoul, or god of the natural world. I didn’t want Read more about Waterfall Illustration[…]

Drawing from the Figure

Warning–this post contains pencil sketches of nude figures for education purposes. After five sessions, my Illustration class has concluded its unit on drawing directly from the figure. Prior to drawing from a model, we learned from a model skeleton about the correct proportions of the human body. We were given bony points to look for Read more about Drawing from the Figure[…]