‚ÄúYou should charge for this.‚ÄĚ More¬†henna.

For anyone who is wondering, I buy the Mehndi Henna Kit by Jacquard every time I feel like drawing all over people. I think that they recently changed their formula, because this time around, the mixture was MUCH smoother and stained a lot darker, and a lot faster. They also switched from a metal applicator Read more about ‚ÄúYou should charge for this.‚ÄĚ More¬†henna.[…]

Third Print: My turtle!

This set of two is my completed final project for Lithography. Typically, when I set out to compose a work, I try to put together a window that allows to viewer to see into a complete scene. As an illustrator, I deal with narrative, setting, and continuity. Foreground, middle-ground, and background are all addressed and Read more about Third Print: My turtle![…]

Henna for Spring Fling

As I did last year, I will once again be bringing henna to the festivities of Spring Fling ¬†at the University. I am very excited to get started and plan to do some practice henna on myself tomorrow in I have a chance. If not, it will have to wait until Friday. But the weekend Read more about Henna for Spring¬†Fling[…]