Super Craft Weekend Recap

This weekend was awesome. Besides a wonderful annual caricature gig on Saturday afternoon (I love being paid to draw children), my best friend Kelley came up to my studio in Lowell for the weekend to have a super craft marathon. In a day and a half we got a solid 10 hours of work time Read more about Super Craft Weekend Recap[…]

Facebook Give-Away

In an effort to get my Facebook fan page over that last hump before 300 ‘likes’ I decided to have a give-away. One lucky fan of my page will be selected at random to receive this hand-made, hand-painted ginko leaf leather necklace for free!  All you have to do in order to participate is visit Read more about Facebook Give-Away[…]

Leather Crafts

The craft gallery at has been updated with ten new leather pieces. All medium to large jewelry and accessories, each item was made from vegetable tanned leather: hand-cut, carved, and painted by me. You can find all of my leather items currently for sale in my Etsy shop, but my best work will always Read more about Leather Crafts[…]

Summer Crafting Part 1: Gemstone necklaces

This summer I am going to be doing a lot of crafting, especially because I will be selling at a Renaissance Faire. To start the summer off, I have been making jewelry, and some of that jewelry has involved natural gemstones which are thought to have medicinal properties. The idea is that everything vibrates at Read more about Summer Crafting Part 1: Gemstone necklaces[…]

Unique, Homemade Necklace from a Thrift-store Find

About a month ago, my mom and I went to go check out a new Thrift store in town. In a junk bin of miscellaneous jewelry parts, I found half of an old, fake watch. It was terribly dirty–black even. But it was interesting non-the-less. I asked if I could have it for 50 cents Read more about Unique, Homemade Necklace from a Thrift-store Find[…]