Get Ready for the DIY Home Improvement Posts

Goodness, I’ve been so busy lately with absolutely no time to post because we just bought a house!!! Finally, the process is done, and the house is ours. We’ve been trying to close on this thing for the better part of a season, but as anyone who’s ever bought a house before knows, delays can Read more about Get Ready for the DIY Home Improvement Posts[…]

Really into Skulls

I finished another painting! And it’s another animal skull! It is a 12×16″ inch original watercolor painting of a giant pheasant skull. Matted to 11×14″ and framed to 14×18″. The frame is much more beautiful in person. My iPhone does not do the image justice photographing through the glass, but you can see a high-resolution scan Read more about Really into Skulls[…]

Large Watercolor Commission

I am thrilled to finally be able to share this painting with you. I finished it some time ago but just presented it to the client this weekend. Commissioned by the Army Mountain Warfare school in Jericho, VT, this large watercolor painting combines the school’s mascot (a Ram’s head) with the feminine style of the Read more about Large Watercolor Commission[…]

Commissioned Christmas Card: Watercolor, Colored Pencil

Merry Christmas! Below is the painting that I made for my aunt’s annual Christmas card. It is a portrait of two new family dogs. I painted this piece in quite a hurry using watercolors and colored pencils. It is impossible to get a photograph of two dogs looking in the same direction, both with a Read more about Commissioned Christmas Card: Watercolor, Colored Pencil[…]

The Leafy Sea Dragon

The other night I finished a painting of a leafy sea dragon. I saw one of these beautiful fish a week or so ago on TV and decided that it would be a really fun thing to paint. I hunted down a couple of different reference pictures online, and from those, drew out an original Read more about The Leafy Sea Dragon[…]

Series of Sicily

After spending Spring break 2012 in Sicily as part of a travel & art class at University of Hartford, I came back to the United States ready to make artwork about what struck me most during my time abroad. I am extremely proud of these three paintings. They can be viewed larger in the color Read more about Series of Sicily[…]

A Fly on the Wall: The Ballet Edition

Yesterday I attended a pointe class at ‘The Studio, A Dance Center for Adults’ in Brookline, MA. A friend of mine takes classes there, and she was able to arrange for me to come into a class with my camera to get some reference for a possible future body of work. I did my best Read more about A Fly on the Wall: The Ballet Edition[…]

Modern Dancers

Last painting done for my senior thesis! This one is of two modern dancers whom I photographed at the University of Hartford Hartt School. They were a joy to photograph, and provided my camera with all sorts of elegant  and gravity defying shots. I chose to paint this particular pose because it felt most personal Read more about Modern Dancers[…]


Part of my senior thesis project was to do a series of three. I chose to do a series of three portraits, of three women, in three different modes of costume, interacting with three different classifications of animals. The first portrait is of a woman in a tradition costume. A garment invented in the distant Read more about Portraiture[…]

Exactly two weeks until the semester ends!

Right now I am sitting in my studio taking a short break from painting. The semester is coming to an end but because of all of the interruptions to my work and the work of my classmates, we all have a lot of of work to get done by the twenty first. Right now I Read more about Exactly two weeks until the semester ends![…]

Paintings for Wine Labels: The Walrus and Penguin

Today I’ve added two new paintings to the Illustration gallery. This set of two was designed for my advertising illustration class to appear on bottles of wine. Our assignment was to come up with two different wine labels, done in a comparable style, that features two different animals: one for white wine, and one for Read more about Paintings for Wine Labels: The Walrus and Penguin[…]

Alter-ego: The Snake Charmer

Here is the first assignment from my oil painting class. Our task was to define an alter-ego for ourselves, and to paint our likeness on this fantasy identity. I decided that my alter-ego would be an exotic snake charmer, hiding from the dessert sun in her lavish arabian, or maybe Egyptian palace. My alter-ego would Read more about Alter-ego: The Snake Charmer[…]

Eggs, Anyone?

I have a thing for dark humor. The painting below is my final watercolor piece of the fall semester, 2010. Our assignment was to do a painting where the main subject matter is an egg. That was the only requirement; other than containing an egg, the painting could be about whatever we wanted. Several ideas Read more about Eggs, Anyone?[…]

Learning to use watercolors.

Watercolor is getting easier. I guess it just takes a lot of practice. There are many different techniques to learn and try before you can decide which one works best for you. Because watercolors are translucent, you can either build up your colors, mixing them on the paper, or you can mix the color on Read more about Learning to use watercolors.[…]

First Egg Tempera

In my science and  art class we have been learning about different kinds of paint: how to make them and how to use them. I’ve only ever painted with watercolors and acrylics, so it was my first time using fresco, egg tempera, and oil paints. Egg tempera is traditionally a linear method of painting. The Read more about First Egg Tempera[…]