Painting Zombicide Figurines

img_3170How was your Valentine’s weekend? Mine was amazing. It was freezing cold here in the northeast, with wind-chill temperatures reaching as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Not a weekend for putting on a dress and going to dinner after dark. Instead of going out, my boyfriend Jake and I opted to spend most of the weekend inside. We cooked, we cuddled, and we painted Zombicide table-top figurines! Jake loves Zombicide, a cooperative table-top board game for adults and clever teens where everyone works together to fight off zombie hoards and complete mission objectives. For Valentines, I bought him a very large Zombicide paint set from The Army Painter, and we spent the better part of Sunday and all of Monday fancying up our hoard. We have many, many, many more zombies to paint because we have so many of the expansion packs to this game, but we started by painting most of the base pack of zombies. Below are our results! Click on any image to expand and take a closer look.


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