Custom Shelves

Apparently March is National Craft Month. My boyfriend Jake and I got a head start this past weekend by building our own custom plant shelves on a whim.

With spring right around the corner it’s time to start some of our seeds indoors. This year we hope to grow sweet peppers and peas, and the peppers need to be started indoors 8 weeks before transferring them outside. In addition, we recently bought a Florida avocado that was already sprouting when we opened it! Now, the internet says that all avocado seeds will sprout eventually, but I have left seeds sitting in water for months with no progress. I’ve never successfully sprouted an avocado stone before, so seeing one already with roots forming, I seized the opportunity and planted that sucker.

Before all this weekend planting, our windowsills in our tiny apartment were already full. Now we’ve added more pots to the collection with no space to spare. We needed a plant storage solution, but there aren’t many places in the house that get enough light. Well, the kitchen wall gets light…and we had some extra wood in the basement leftover from another one of Jake’s projects (a gift to me). So, on a whim we decided to built some shelves. Jake knew more of what he was doing than I did, but I felt comfortable measuring and power-sanding. Jake cut and beveled and it took both of us to assemble and stain quickly.

Here are some progress shots. When I can home the next day, he had already mounted it on the wall. It’s not the most complicated or sophisticated design ever, but it matches the rest of our very simple kitchen and fits our needs perfectly. I’m proud of the job we did and it only took us a few hours! Yeah teamwork!

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