Happy Ostara! Celebrating the Vernal Equinox, or Easter.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating the arrival of Spring, the vernal equinox, and whatever else you honor. I spent Easter with my family, and like many families, we had a light feast. Here are the things I made this weekend.

Eggs! Hard-boiled and colored. Coloring eggs isn’t just for kids. Okay, maybe kids are just as good at it as me, but I still enjoy the process and the experimentation. Every year I dye eggs, and every year it is somewhat of a failed experiment. I like to keep my eggs food-safe, so I don’t use any paint or glitter or poison. However, I also don’t have the time to use “natural” vegetable dyes like onion skins and cabbage. I use store-bought food coloring and non-toxic crayons. Every year I try to resist the dye with wax, stickers and ribbon, and every year it only sort-of works. Either way, the colors are vibrant and pretty.



Next, I made pie! Banana cream pie is the easiest of all the pies to make. Again, being under a time crunch, I didn’t feel I had time to make a blueberry or sweet potato pie from scratch, so I went with the pre-made graham cracker crust and make a pudding filling. I tried to get creative with the garnish; sliced bananas, whipped cream and a sugar glaze drizzle.

img_3364 img_3365-1

And last but actually made first, pizza. We really like making pizza–it’s a once a week sort of thing. Jake thought this was the “best looking pizza” we’ve ever made. So I thought I’d share it with you.

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