Large Evening Wear Commission Complete!

I have recently completed the largest sewing commission I’ve ever accepted. Very rarely do I accept commission work when it comes to garment construction; it is very time consuming, mistakes are costly, fitting another person is challenging, and the price tag is often prohibitive to most of my would-be clients. But for a coworker, requesting two evening ensembles for a Nigerian engagement ceremony featuring some very bold fabric, I would make an exception.
commission photo

Above are the finished garments on the bodies they were made for. Below is a gallery of the garments on my dress form which is much to small for them, but they provide some different angles and details.

This was the first time I’ve ever made a suit jacket. The dress and vest did not give me too much trouble as I was familiar with every step of their construction before I started. The jacket on the other hand was a whole new world. I had to learn how to make jetted pockets and a standing collar almost from scratch. Lining a garment as complicated as this when the lining needs to be a different length than the self was a very interesting process…and constructing vents…then lining the vents!? It was madness. But I got through it and I learned a little something along the way.


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