King Richards Faire 

Last weekend me and my crew attended the King Richard’s Faire. What a beautiful October day to travel through time, wear flowers on my head, and shop for weaponry. We saw some big cats to whatever they wanted on stage, ate stew from a bowl made of bread, and Kelley and Jake tried to help Jack-the-Whipper break a world record.

Jake actually got roped into being a part of more than one act. There was  tight-rope walker, who’s tight wire had become pretty slack….He needed strong men from the audience to pull the wire taught during his performance, and Jake looked both conspicuous and strong.

I was wearing a really simple and breeze Renaissance-appropriate muslin chemise with bell sleeves. I added ties in the sleeves so that they could be hiked higher on my arm to allow me to shoot a bow or play a game. I made the chemise without a pattern, essentially laying on the fabric and guessing where things went. It has a very simple shape; the waist is only slightly tapered and relies on a surcoat or belt to make it form-fitting.

The blue over-dress is a very light-weight polyester which laces in the front. A common style of the renaissance, though not entirely accurate in fabric weight or skirt-fullness. There are also laces at the shoulders and in the small of the back for added adjustability over layers and through the years. Topped off with a home-made crown of flowers and I was ready to go.

Jake was wearing his Ranger outfit that we made last year. I bought some Colourpop deep black eye-shadow for him to make his eyes scary and dark to hide his secret identity in a world before facial recognition. It was really too hot of a day for that full costume, including the hood, but he wore it all anyway.

Last year when we went to the Connecticut Renaissance Fair in October it had snowed, so I spent the summer making winter-garb so we wouldn’t be cold again. I already have plenty of warm-weather wear, but I guess I’ll have to make Jake something for a hot day next.

Kelley finally got to show off her Autumn sprite costume featuring a Cloe bodice from Moresca, which she had to cover up with a cloak at the aforementioned CT Ren Faire in order to not freeze.

Oh, and I tried on a giant leather witches hat. It was very heavy and had a spider on it. A real spider. It was magical.

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