Men’s Viking Kaftan Is Finished! 

Finished at least until I decide to do some huge hand embroidered design on the back. This Viking age coat is made from “Luxe” fleece from Joann’s an embellished with a woven trim, polyester bands on the sleeves, and lots of hand-stitched embroidery.

I patterned the coat myself and it is WAY too big for my petite woman’s dress form. I’ll take pictures of the finished coat on Jake soon.

The coat comes to about his knees, and has POCKETS. Though they sit a little lower than desired. I used the surger to do all the seams, including the rolled hem on the bottom edge.

I plan to at some point add clasps the front and a design on the back, but for now, the coat is totally wearable. Below is a progress photo of the coat on Jake. You can see that it is more fitted on him, than on my dress form.

Here’s a close-up of the sleeve, which I’m very happy with….

And a shot of the edging detail. A blanket stitch around the whole length of the coat front, done by hand. 🙂

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