Birthday Jewelry Cabinet Handmade by Jake

Last month for my birthday Jake completely surprised me with this jewelry cabinet that he built himself. I knew for weeks that he was in the basement building something, but I never would have guessed how intricate, large, or useful it would be!

Because this cabinet is a handmade, artistic project, I think that it deserves a place here on my blog. However, I can’t speak too much about the details of its construction since it was all a secret from me. Fortunately, Jake took progress shots throughout! Scroll to the gallery below to see the step-by-step construction.

The cabinet features a row of pegs along the top to hold necklaces, and pegs along the sides as well; rings on one side, bracelets on the other. There’s also a catch-all troth at the bottom, great for holding the bottom of long necklaces and preventing them from getting caught in the doors.

Can’t wait to fill it up! Thank you, Jake!

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