Yule Tidings

Happy Yule, everyone! I’m feeling a little sick this Solstice, but I wanted to wish everyone else well on the shortest day of the year. I have some Holiday posts coming up in just a few days; commissions and crafts that should be seen in person on the 25th before they’re blasted on the internet.The season has been a busy one as anyone would expect. We’ve attended several festive gatherings including a Yule celebration that we held with friends last weekend and a formal to celebrate the end of Jake’s semester (see above).In most exciting news, I got a beautiful new sewing machine for my birthday/Christmas gift. It’s a Janome DC 2014 and it has so many stitches. I’ve christened the machine with an easy learners project, which I’ll post in a few days. I have big plans for this machine and all of it’s automated decorative and utility stitches.As the weather turns cold it can be more difficult to get outside, so efforts must be made to ward off the cabin fever. Above, we took a trip to Odiorne Point State Park for a long Pokemon hike. I highly recommend it, with proper attire, as a wintery beach destination. There’s no fee to enter the park in wintertime, and no crowds to interrupt a photo-shoot, meditative hike, Pokemon hunt, or bird watch.

Again, a Happy Yule to everyone! More from me shortly.

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