Get Ready for the DIY Home Improvement Posts

Goodness, I’ve been so busy lately with absolutely no time to post because we just bought a house!!!

Finally, the process is done, and the house is ours. We’ve been trying to close on this thing for the better part of a season, but as anyone who’s ever bought a house before knows, delays can spring up at anytime. Happily the time, money, and mountains of worry were fruitful, and this pretty new home is officially ours. Now begins the next chapter: maintaining, decorating, and customizing. As anyone who follows this blog knows, I post mostly about sewing, painting, and crafts. Well now I have a whole house worth of crafting projects to complete over the years, so as the title states, get ready for the DIY home improvement posts! Hopefully all of my home improvement posts come with the same level of creativity and quality process that you the reader has come to expect. Have you come to expect that from me? I hope so anyway.

Right now the house is a whole bunch of “before” photos. It’s new, so there’s a lot of construction dust to be cleaned and unpacking to do. Every part of the home is a blank slate. The walls are bare, the windows are bare, there are mostly standard fixtures and endless opportunities to personalize. I don’t have any decorations up yet, but I was able to find our apartment Christmas tree in time for Yuletime.

We did get to customize parts of the kitchen before move in, so that already is starting to reflect our personal taste. The cabinets were already in when we toured the house, but we selected our own counter-top and appliances including sink and faucet. The counter-tops are quartz and I hope that they prove to be as scratch resistant and easy to maintain as advertised. The sink is a composite granite and looks very sharp, doesn’t it?

The first project in the works besides all the cleaning and unpacking is painting. I put together a “whole house color scheme” using Illustrator because paint swatches in person wasn’t giving me everything that I imagined. Once I had a theme, I went to find swatches that fit. I’ve already deviated from the scheme slightly but it’s helped enormously to organize my thoughts and concentrate the vision. Highly recommended step next time you paint.

This is the craft room all painted! Most important room in the house, right? Had to paint it first so that I can get all of the craft boxes out of the garage, and the craft boxes outnumber any other category I’d say, unsurprisingly. I painted it a neutral gray, a touch on the cool side, but I was going for neutral, and a bit lighter in person than it appears in this photo (the ceiling is white) so that the color wouldn’t compete with any of the work being created in the room.

I cannot wait to use the craft room to create curtains, art, throw pillows, pot holders, quilts, and other more unusual hand-made domestic decor. Oh, and the porch decor! Look at this porch. I’m going to decorate it seasonally, and I will post pictures, hooray!

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