Palazzo pants

My latest little sewing project is this pair of flowing palazzo pants! They took me an afternoon to make and are sooo comfortable and breezy.


I am in love with this fabric, which I got at Joann Fabrics during their black Friday sale. It is lightweight, soft, and drapes beautifully. The fabric essentially told me that it wanted to be a pair of big pants, and maybe a headband and a hip-scarf too (I have some extra).

img_3535 img_3532 img_3458

The pants work really well for belly-dance practice; they’re dramatic and earthy without being heavy or at all cumbersome. I felt very chic and authentic in my hip pants. They were drafted using the same pattern as my harem pants. The only difference is that they’re not gathered with an elastic at the ankles. Any beginners looking for an easy project, this is the pattern I used from Simplicity.

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