Really into Skulls

I finished another painting! And it’s another animal skull! It is a 12×16″ inch original watercolor painting of a giant pheasant skull. Matted to 11×14″ and framed to 14×18″. The frame is much more beautiful in person. My iPhone does not do the image justice photographing through the glass, but you can see a high-resolution scan Read more about Really into Skulls[…]

Provincetown On The Water

Finally I’ve finished another painting! This winter has been brutal in every way imaginable. Because of this I’ve taken to painting dreamy summer scenes all season to console my shivering skins. Last summer I took a trip to P-Town Mass, early in the season before the crowds arrived.  The town was just waking up from its long Read more about Provincetown On The Water[…]

Get Different, More Frequent Updates Through Facebook!

Did you know that I have a Facebook page? Maybe you assumed so; but maybe you also assumed that I post the same content to my Facebook page as I do my blog. Well that simply isn’t true! I post lots of updates to my Facebook page and Twitter feed that never make it to Read more about Get Different, More Frequent Updates Through Facebook![…]

Granite State Comic Con

This weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Kelley and I will be exhibiting and selling our wares at Granite State Comicon! You can find us in the Artist’s Alley, booth number 907. I’ve included a map below with our table circled.  Granite Con will be held at the Radisson Center of New Hampshire, 700 Elm Street, Manchester on Read more about Granite State Comic Con[…]

Beach Beauty – Just for Fun Painting of the Summer

I’ve finished a new painting! in an effort to hold onto the summer sun for as long as possible, I decided to paint, just for fun, a picture of this beach beauty. It’s not often that I paint a picture for no reason other than my own entertainment, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to Read more about Beach Beauty – Just for Fun Painting of the Summer[…]

The Tsongus Center Backyard Music Series

Backyard Music Series – Bruce Marshall Group Thursday, June 27 – 6 PM to 8 PM FREE Admission This Thursday I am scheduled to set up a vendor table at the Tsongus Center in Lowell, MA for their summer Backyard Music Series. Several Thursday nights this summer the Tsongus center will be hosting a different Read more about The Tsongus Center Backyard Music Series[…]

Change in the Seasons

Why hello there, blog. Long-time-no-see! I have been meaning to post here for a while; I have certainly been slacking somewhat when it comes to keeping up the blog. That’s because the past two months have been full of changes for me. All good changes, but changes that have a way of filling up my Read more about Change in the Seasons[…]

An Exorcise in Digital Painting

Last week with the snow storm of the decade looming, bundled up in front of my computer, I decided to pick up my Wacom tablet and paint a picture digitally. I am not a very experienced digital painter. I’ve only completed a small handful of pieces on the computer before, and none of them have Read more about An Exorcise in Digital Painting[…]

Solo Showing at the Burlington Public Library (MA)

For the entire month of February some of my recent work will be hanging at the Burlington Public Library. My work can be found on the first floor to the left of the reception desk, and next to the children’s play area on two separate walls. You may stop by the Library, which is located Read more about Solo Showing at the Burlington Public Library (MA)[…]

Hey Look, I’m on TV. How to Draw Manga at Groton Public Library

Last Thursday night I was invited to teach a How to Draw Manga Workshop at the Groton Public Library. The local news stopped by to film some of the class, as well as interview me and some of the students after the workshop. I am very pleased with how the segment came out and I Read more about Hey Look, I’m on TV. How to Draw Manga at Groton Public Library[…]

New Album Art

Recently completed album artwork for sibling and musician Eric Leva. Done entirely with a digital tablet in photoshop, this doodle will be the featured image for his new single “Heart Gallery,” available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc on January 29th, 2013. Eric is planning to release a new single at the end of every month Read more about New Album Art[…]

Blue & Pink Fashion Illustration

Here is a fun painting! Like my others lately, it was a quick one to finish, taking only a day and a half to complete. I wanted to try something really whimsical and free-flowing, while still defining the form of the face. I had a lot of fun with it, and I think I am Read more about Blue & Pink Fashion Illustration[…]

Blue Feather Fascinator

As part of my development of a new style, and an effort to get into fashion illustration, here is a practice piece of a girl with a blue feather fascinator. In this piece my aim was to loosen up with my rendering and incorporate an outline into my work in order to make my painting Read more about Blue Feather Fascinator[…]

The Spider Princess

So! Lately I have been working on a new style of illustrating. Most of my paintings to date have been highly detailed, meticulously rendered, very realistic images where every inch of paper is belabored over to achieve an evenly finished surface. The end result is a painting that glows, but it is not a terribly Read more about The Spider Princess[…]

The Devil’s Hopyard

Here is a new watercolor landscape that I made of a state park in southern Connecticut. I was drawn to the name of the park more than anything; it is called “The Devil’s Hopyard” and is located in East Haddam. Earlier this month I was hiking this park with a few friends. The forest there is Read more about The Devil’s Hopyard[…]

Wrapping Things Up in Hartford

Today is my last day in Hartford for the limited residency MFA program at the University of Hartford. For the past two weeks I have been working as assistant administrator for the program, doing paperwork, maintaining the facilities, directing students, and assisting in other administrative duties. During my time here I have met a whole Read more about Wrapping Things Up in Hartford[…]

Summer Term Cover Contest Illustration

Whoa! November just flew by, didn’t it!? I haven’t posted in forever, and for that I apologize; it has been such a busy month. Finally, I have a new painting ready to show. This illustration was done as a special project in our illustration department at school. Every year, the school administration asks the illustrators Read more about Summer Term Cover Contest Illustration[…]

Paintings for Wine Labels: The Walrus and Penguin

Today I’ve added two new paintings to the Illustration gallery. This set of two was designed for my advertising illustration class to appear on bottles of wine. Our assignment was to come up with two different wine labels, done in a comparable style, that features two different animals: one for white wine, and one for Read more about Paintings for Wine Labels: The Walrus and Penguin[…]

Update on Connecticon pictures and Videos yet to come.

The photographer that shot our X-men photoshoot at Connecticon 2011 said that the pictures should be ready to post in a day or two!! I am very excited to see how the shoot turned out, and will post them on my cosplay blog as soon as I have them. I will also provide a link Read more about Update on Connecticon pictures and Videos yet to come.[…]

Girl with Flowers in Her Hair

New painting in the illustration gallery, done especially for the Renaissance Faire. This girl with the flowers in her hair was done in acrylic inks, watercolors, and colored pencils. I absolutely love celtic knotwork, and want to work more on decorative boarders and embellishing my work. This was the perfect opportunity to do so. I Read more about Girl with Flowers in Her Hair[…]

Alter-ego: The Snake Charmer

Here is the first assignment from my oil painting class. Our task was to define an alter-ego for ourselves, and to paint our likeness on this fantasy identity. I decided that my alter-ego would be an exotic snake charmer, hiding from the dessert sun in her lavish arabian, or maybe Egyptian palace. My alter-ego would Read more about Alter-ego: The Snake Charmer[…]

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Graphite illustration from the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. Quasimodo has saved Esmerelda from being hanged, and brought her to the cathedral under the law of sanctuary. The Truands then charge the cathedral in an attempt to save Esmerelda. However Quasimodo thinks that they want to hurt Esmerelda, so he is committed to driving them Read more about Hunchback of Notre Dame[…]

Jack and the Beanstalk

Black and white pencil illustration of a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk. When Jack traded away his family’s last possession, a cow, for magic beans from a stranger, his mother, in anger, threw them out the window. The next day, Jack found that the beans had sprouted into a giant beanstalk, reaching up into Read more about Jack and the Beanstalk[…]

Gargoyle Illustration

Classes are done for the year! All I have left to work on is some final papers. But as far as studio classes go, I am DONE with work. This is my latest piece from drawing for Illustration. Our assignment was to draw a gargoyle in an architectural setting. Now, I did a lot of Read more about Gargoyle Illustration[…]

Waterfall Illustration

I have completed a new illustration! It has been added to the website’s main gallery as well as the illustration page. This is a graphite 9×12 illustration of a waterfall spirit. Our assignment was to create some sort of denizen of nature. A spirit, or ghoul, or god of the natural world. I didn’t want Read more about Waterfall Illustration[…]

End of the Year Crunch

Really only three more weeks until this semester is over, and everyone–both students and teachers–are feeling the pressure. Those poor graphic designers! They’re reviews are coming up this Thursday and my boyfriend has been in the studio non-stop for three days. Lots of majors are preparing for their portfolio reviews but none of them seem Read more about End of the Year Crunch[…]

Outstanding Portfolio Award, Bad Illustrations, and New Artwork added to site..

I got into my major! I passed the sophomore review with a score of 98. I also received a certificate for having one of the top portfolios in my grade! My work is currently on display in the Hartford Art school hallways. 😀 Today in drawing for illustration we learned about ears. Apparently, there are Read more about Outstanding Portfolio Award, Bad Illustrations, and New Artwork added to site..[…]