Medieval Belt

It’s Spring! Happy Ostara, everyone! The Vernal equinox. Winter is over. Spring is the season of creation, and to kick things off, I have made a quick and easy medieval loop belt. I sewed a long tube of hunter green poplin left over from the dress the belt is featured on, and turned it inside out. Read more about Medieval Belt[…]

Preparing for King Richards Faire

Renaissance Fair Season is upon us! I love spending a day out in the woods with the  fairies and jesters, celebrating the late summertime magic. The first Fair on my list is King Richard’s in Carver Mass, and to make sure I make the most of my Fair day, I am adding a few new Read more about Preparing for King Richards Faire[…]

Bracers on Etsy

This week I have added several new items to the Etsy shop, including three new, and very different bracers! All hand-made and one-of-a-kind, these bracers are cut from the highest quality vegetable tanned leather. This study yet flexible material insures that these bracers will fit any arm (of the intended gender for which they were Read more about Bracers on Etsy[…]

Super Craft Weeked in Preparation for 2013 Fairs

This weekend I will be having a crafting marathon with friend and future business partner Kelley, as we prepare an inventory for the 2013 fair and convention scene. Our goal this year is to nab booths at up to eight conventions, craft fairs, or renaissance fairs selling our leather works, jewelry, and fantasy artwork. Kelley Read more about Super Craft Weeked in Preparation for 2013 Fairs[…]

HUGE Update in the Crafts Gallery.

I just added a boat-load of new pictures to the crafts gallery at  In preparation for the fourth quarter (the holiday season, crafting season, and an artist’s most profitable time of the year), I have completed a big round of crafting, making fall accessories from vegetable tanned leather. There are some really cute Halloween items Read more about HUGE Update in the Crafts Gallery.[…]

Adventure Pouch ipad sleeve & device organizer

My first sewing project of winter break was this adventure pouch iPad sleeve. I bought myself an iPad for my birthday, and though it was no problem finding a protective flip-cover thing, I was having a really hard time finding a sleeve for my iPad that I liked, could afford, and which would carry and Read more about Adventure Pouch ipad sleeve & device organizer[…]

Unique, Homemade Necklace from a Thrift-store Find

About a month ago, my mom and I went to go check out a new Thrift store in town. In a junk bin of miscellaneous jewelry parts, I found half of an old, fake watch. It was terribly dirty–black even. But it was interesting non-the-less. I asked if I could have it for 50 cents Read more about Unique, Homemade Necklace from a Thrift-store Find[…]

Duct tape Corsets?

A lot of people have heard of the idea of using duct tape to make a dress form that perfectly matches the model’s shape. It involves wrapping the model tightly in duct tape, cutting him/her out and then stuffing this hollow shell with foam or newspaper or fiberfill. I have also heard of using duct Read more about Duct tape Corsets?[…]