Fall Update

It’s everyone’s favorite season; faires, fires, skulls, and sweaters. Below is a visual diary of my romantic autumnal adventures. Scroll over the images to see a caption. Connect with me on social media for more pretty photos of mushrooms and folk-wear. Facebook Instagram Twitter

Viking Drinking Horn Holsters

This weekend was very Game of Thrones around my house. Jake and I are preparing for King Richard’s Faire this upcoming weekend and so our individual chores were much more medieval than usual. In addition to drinking sweet mead-like drinks, altering costumes by hand and being gifted some vintage furs (woo!), We made these super Read more about Viking Drinking Horn Holsters[…]

Viking Costume Pleather Canteen Bags

More costume accessories to showcase! My ultra-functional canteen bags! Ever been to an event and not drink enough water? That’s every event, right? I try to drink a lot of water every day, but it’s really hard when you’re busy having fun walking around at a convention or fair. So for this past weekend’s Vermont Read more about Viking Costume Pleather Canteen Bags[…]

Men’s Viking Kaftan Is Finished! 

Finished at least until I decide to do some huge hand embroidered design on the back. This Viking age coat is made from “Luxe” fleece from Joann’s an embellished with a woven trim, polyester bands on the sleeves, and lots of hand-stitched embroidery. I patterned the coat myself and it is WAY too big for Read more about Men’s Viking Kaftan Is Finished! […]

Men’s Viking Kaftan WIP

A post two days in a row? Whoa! Today I have for your some vague progress photos of the Viking kaftan that I’m working on for Jake. What’s a kaftan? It’s a long coat. Above is a sketch of the design as it sits now, after many revisions. We originally cut the fabric to go Read more about Men’s Viking Kaftan WIP[…]

King Richards Faire 

Last weekend me and my crew attended the King Richard’s Faire. What a beautiful October day to travel through time, wear flowers on my head, and shop for weaponry. We saw some big cats to whatever they wanted on stage, ate stew from a bowl made of bread, and Kelley and Jake tried to help Read more about King Richards Faire […]

Crown of Flowers

This weekend my friends and I attended the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire. It was a gorgeous 82 degrees in May, and I needed a crown of flowers for the occasion. With the forecast calling for a such a warm day, my garb needed to be kept simple; no layers of skirts or heavy belts and bags. Read more about Crown of Flowers[…]

Medieval Belt

It’s Spring! Happy Ostara, everyone! The Vernal equinox. Winter is over. Spring is the season of creation, and to kick things off, I have made a quick and easy medieval loop belt. I sewed a long tube of hunter green poplin left over from the dress the belt is featured on, and turned it inside out. Read more about Medieval Belt[…]

Pattern Haul

Want to see all the sweet patterns I scored at Joann’s annual $1 Simplicity pattern sale? I know you do. What am I going to do with all these patterns? I am going to sew so many things! At $1 per pattern, when they normally retail for $15-$20, how could I resist? The best time Read more about Pattern Haul[…]

Large Leather Armor

Hey Everyone, Long time no see. I have been busy getting ready for the Holidays, finishing up my holiday open houses, and of course, making some of my first large scale leather armor pieces. My Etsy shop is finally filling up with the sorts of impressive armor I aim to be known for. All the Read more about Large Leather Armor[…]

Lowell Open Studios, October 6th & 7th, 2012.

In less than two weeks, over 140 local artists of Lowell, MA will open their doors to the public for the 12th annual Lowell Open Studios Event. With over fifteen studio locations throughout the heart of Lowell, this two day event is a great opportunity for the community to buy original and reproduced artworks straight Read more about Lowell Open Studios, October 6th & 7th, 2012.[…]

Summer Crafting Part IV: Sewing

I love to sew, sew so much! Whenever I get spare time, I want to sew. This week, I had a little free time, and so in the past two days I’ve made two new things to wear to the Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival. One is a 16th century blouse, and the other a patent Read more about Summer Crafting Part IV: Sewing[…]